“Driven by passion for fashion, I love all things pretty and pink. I believe when it comes to make up, beauty lies in the hands of the brush holder. “– Preetika Oberoi

A young feisty Hair and Makeup Expert and Educator , Preetika Oberoi specializes in Bridals (Indian, Pakistani, Fiji, Srilanka, Nepalies & Catholic), all occasion make-up for all ethnicities, Pre-wedding shoot Make-up, Dewy Make-up, HD Make-up, Red carpetLooks, Editorials, Runway, Portfolios, Hair & Make-up tutorials etc.

Preetika Oberoi’s passion for beauty and dolling up herself, friends and folks led her to realize the innate ability to make people look and feel their absolute best. Working in the field of fashion for 8 years (National and International brands like Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, s.Oliver, Benetton& AZA Fashions) and drawn to beauty at a young age, Preetika started mixing her own makeup and fashion concoction sand developed a sense of beauty and style that was anything but subtle. Hence, in March 2014 she took the plunge to pursue her passion professionally. She wanted to share her love for fashion with people. With a penchant to detail, distinctive creativity, experience in the Industry, knowledge and passion for beauty & cosmetics products, Preetika’s portfolio portrays her style to be versatile, creative and polished. Preetika often say “I did not choose the to be a makeup Artist it chose me”

Preetika’s love for Fashion & Make-up which started as blog has now translated into professional services ‘Colour me Pink by Preetika Oberoi’ based in Moorabin, Australia. She is an international artist renders her services across the Globe. With an extensive experience of working with both International and Indian Fashion & Luxury brands, Preetika has gone through various fashion related training’s. Have conducted numerous workshops on wardrobe makeovers and hold an advanced diploma in hair and makeup artistry. Colour me pink was found on 18 th march 2014, and opened its first store on 17th oct 2016.

With a natural flair for creating beautiful inventive looks and for deciphering exactly what kind of look will suit an individual, Preetika works according to skin tone, taste, preference and personality. Her brush is unputdownable till the client is not completely smitten by his or her own reflection.

Preetika is a published artist her work has been published in various international magazines and one among the most renowned artists in Australia and India. Her clients mostly reckon her as a master in the art of transformation. Consider her having the “MIDAS TOUCH”.

Also preetika in a very short span of time has made her mark in Australia. She is a “MULTICULTURAL AMBASSADOR AT AFL FOR RICHMOND TIGERS”.

Beauty is only skin deep – true, but… by bringing it to the surface we are free to explore it, fill it with charm, adventure and character. Make-up is not only color, texture and cover, it is a tool of action which enables us to capture beauty from within…Allow me to seize what the imagination can see as beauty with the power of make-up.


“As an Educator/Artist, sharing my knowledge and making people look and feel their best is my biggest achievement thus far.. When I started, I didn’t have a role model or mentor in the beauty field to look up to and help me. All I knew, was that I loved it. But even after going to school, I felt as if I was in an industry with very little real-life knowledge. Schools were very “by the book”, teaching basic techniques which didn’t hold up in the real world. I was thirsty for more. Everything I learned, I had to learn on my own, through experience. After years of experience and practice I am finally where I always dreamt I would be, but it doesn’t have to be this hard for others.

That’s why I always shared my experiences and knowledge openly, with the goal of helping the struggling artists achieve their lifelong dreams as I did. I want to give more power to women and men to follow their dream by providing REAL quality education and products, to nurturing my students and spreading knowledge, inspiration, hope, and beauty… But most of all, to promoting togetherness. Why be lonely when there’s plenty of room at the top? ”

– Preetika Oberoi, Colour me Pink


“To be a successful entrepreneur, the main virtue which helps us to sustain is perseverance, along with clearly defining milestones, mission and vision. However one person who stood by me at all times during my initial upheaval was my partner (Akshay Chawla).
Akshay has been my pillar of strength since the beginning. The startup was envisioned, planned and implemented only and only due to his never ending support.

We both had a vision. Our vision statement : To build colourmepink beyond makeup and makeovers. To help empower men and women into successful artists thereby creating jobs for them.

Akshay has been an integral part in shaping the company’s past and present. His strong technical and marketing skill has helped reach our company reach new heights. He has been totally involved with business development and marketing, be it be getting the photo shoots done, tie ups with different businesses,the location of the business or future growth of colourmepink, Akshay has always been around everywhere.

Colour Me Pink Academy has taken on beautiful hues after a number of brainstorming session With Akshay. He played an Important role in helping me visualized the look and feel of the site. ”